In 2006, The Caterers was born. Starting up from the small idea of creating freshly made pre-packaged sandwiches, the company is now a leader in providing diversified catering services throughout Vietnam.

The Caterers have become an independent, professional, and innovative company specialized in contract catering for schools, manufactures, offices, and event catering, with the aim to improve the quality of life for our clients and customers.

We have built a reputation for providing flexible, quality and efficient solutions to all our customers and corporate client’s catering needs, whether it be a delivery service, on-site kitchen, self-service canteen, or a large-scale corporate event.
At present, our 600 plus full-time employees provide over 13,000 fresh meals a day to over 30 International and Bilingual schools manufactories and offices and cater to more than 620 events per year.

At the end of 2015, we have been honored with the “Prestige and Quality Service” Award voted by consumers throughout Vietnam, organized by Consumers Newspaper & Vietnam Consumers Benefits Protection Association. Moreover, The Caterers is also a member of the International Caterers Association (ICA).

This achievement motivates us to maintain our commitment to our partners, value to our people, and share what’s best for our community.


To create a group of world class companies which every employee can be truly proud of.


To make our clients delighted by delivering high quality service and high standards of cleanliness by warm, friendly people.


We incessantly work hard to make our employees feel good about what they do. When our people are happy and feel good about what they do, this comes through directly to the clients.

That’s why these core values are built from day one as we truly believe that this positive approach will ultimately drive the business forward

Quality Standard

We deliver confidence to our customers.

Quality Service

We are enthusiatic about continuous improvement.

Quality Fun

We have fun doing serious work.

Quality Care

We are humble and treat others the way they want to be treated


The Caterers is a member of the International Caterers Association (ICA). The ICA is a premier association
dedicated to sharing knowledge, unique skills and experience across the catering industry around the world.

In Vietnam, we have been honored with the “Prestige and Quality Service” Award in 2015 voted by consumers
throughout Vietnam presented by Consumers Newspaper & Vietnam Consumers Benefits Protection Association.
We believe and commit to deliver a high quality service with fresh ideas and innovative solutions to current and new partners.

If you are interested to know what it took for us to start-up The Caterers and how we build The Caterers group of companies, please read our story below from the left:

  1. 2004 - shake hands

    Stephen and Dan become business partner to start a sandwich business, under “Bite” name.

  2. 2005 - business commited

    The first big order of 120 sandwiches encouraged Stephen & Dan to grab opportunity of official business.

  3. 2006 - good ideas to start-up

    We opened first Bite café & “Banh Khot” – traditional Vietnamese pancake. Dream was to open many outlets.

  4. 2007 - failure brings new idea

    We closed our first Bite café & “Banh Khot”. Learning about failure, we came up with The Caterers for events and kept Bite for sandwich delivery.

  5. 2008 - thank you customers

    More and more enquiries of event catering & school canteen came in. Also, the 1st event in Hanoi got us dreamt of opening business in Hanoi one day.

  6. 2009 - a proper head office

    The business grew up. Our team now have 50 members.

  7. 2010 - low cost marketing

    Received a new truck with company logo. Immediately drove it around town all day just to advertise.

  8. 2011 - spread our wings

    Won our first school contract outside HCM city.

  9. 2012 - first achieved milestone

    We were delighted to be awarded our 12th International school contract. Our 300th team member also was welcomed.

  10. 2013 - expanding family

    We extended our office for our growing family reaching 500 people.

  11. 2014 - exciting opportunities

    Took on the management and bought School Food Company, adding 130 new people to our team. Won 1st contract to provide factory staff meals.

  12. 2015 - expansion

    Acquired Quang Lap company, providing equipment hire for events. Another new company – The Cleaners is also born.

  13. 2016 - any excuse to celebrate

    It was our 10th year anniversary! A year filled happy and achievements as “High Quality Service” award, business expansion into Hanoi, and The Caterers Academy was born.

For further our interesting stories, you are be able to refer

As a progressive and flexible company, we understand we cannot stand still, which is why we are constantly looking at ways to innovate our food and services and place great value on the many lasting relationships with our clients and customers across Vietnam.

By staying true to our values, we have continued to invest in our people, our business and the things that matter to us most in our community. So, our people are at the very heart of what we do.

Stephen Kerslake

As a passionate golfer, I believe the strategies in playing golf are very much applied to the business world in terms of having a great approach, a positive mindset and an enormous respect for your partners and colleagues at all times.

Stephen Kerslake


Tran Dang Dan

“If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then, learn how to do it later”- This’s my favourite quote from Richard Branson that I always keep in mind and practice in business.

Tran Dang Dan

General Director

Head Office team

We are one team out to assist clients, suppliers and employees with our full support.

Quality Control team

Experts in their field, the QC and purchasing teams work hard behind the scenes to make us brilliant.

Chef team

A team of skilled and experienced experts who take great pride in The Caterers brand. We like to refer to them as our “Industry Rockstars”.

Contract Catering Team

This awesome team refer to the canteens as their second home, expressing passion and care towards our clients.

Event Catering

“Creating an event is fun, but creating a “great” event is even more fun” –This is the motto of our event catering team who love challenges and creativity.

We are a team

“Unity is strength, when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved” Mattie J.T. Stepanek