Health, Hygiene & Food Safety Priority

As a professional caterer, we are responsible for protecting the health and safety of customers through
our Health, Hygiene and Food Safety standards, as follows:

Healthy Meals

Our main objective is to provide quality and healthy-orientated meals which contribute towards employees’ productivity.

– Extensive menus: with a variety of dishes according to regional or seasonal ingredients or clients’ preferences.

– Balanced nutrition: Menus are carefully planned taking into account the frequency of the different protein food items to ensure variety and nutritional value.

– Healthy cooking method: the use of non-healthy fats and oils in our cooking methods is limited to ensure we provide healthy food options. The plain taste to suit the majority and retain nutrients also is applied.

Customer-oriented Service

We recognise the impact that our people have on the everyday lives of others through our customer service commitment.

– Canteen decoration: a great environment plays an important part in a dining experience, which is why we add value by proposing decoration and design concepts for your canteen.

– Customer service focus: our staff are well trained in communication and customer service skills to deliver a high quality service.

–  Other supporting services: our clients rely on us for a comprehensive range of support services such as event catering, cleaning, event equipment hire and food delivery. All possible through our sister companies.