Health, Hygiene & Food Safety Priority

As a specialist caterer in the education sector, we are responsible for protecting the health and safety of students, teachers and staff through our Health, Hygiene and Food Safety standards, as follows:

– Certified Resources: we select certified and qualified suppliers who meet Health, Hygiene and Food Safety standard requirements and certification.

– Standardized Quality Management Process: The Caterers have designed and put in place a comprehensive risk based Quality Management Process based on the principles of Vietnam & International Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) standards.

– Professional cooking team: are well-trained and supervised by our Quality Control Department with periodic health checks and HFS certificates.

– QBE Product Liability Insurance: is an essential insurance cover providing peace of mind to our clients


Well-balanced Nutritional Meals

We focus on providing well balanced and healthy meals to contribute to students’ intellectual and physical development:

– Extensive menu: to offer more choices, different cuisines (Western, Asian, vegetarian or dietary …) suitable for each school and students’ expectation.

– Balanced nutrition serving: menus are created taking into account the five food groups: fruits, vegetables, protein, dairy products and grains and cereals to ensure student’s energy levels are maintained.

– Healthy cooking method: is applied to provide portion sizes according to the needs of each student age group and to limit processed and high fat/sugar content foods.


Educational Support Activity

Partnerships with schools in educating and encouraging students’ positive behaviors, skills, knowledge of cuisine, and nutrition is one of our service strengths:

– Refresh canteen decoration: aim to create a great environment through vivid and educational decoration in canteens.

– Flexible catering styles: Depending on a school’s facilities and students age level, we provide diversified catering solutions from self-service counters to electronic card systems and Kiosks or food court concepts.

– Support educational activity: by participating in or co-organizing workshops, nutrition educational events, and special meals on major festivals of the year to encourage healthy eating habits and introduce global cuisine cultures to students.