Types Of Christmas Evening And What Not Known

  • December 18, 2017

Tree trunk – European traditional Christmas cake

As for Christmas, we can not forget the special cake for this colorful occasion. Cake originated in France with the name “main owner” is Bûche de Noël, meaning “Christmas tree”.

Legend has it that the burger was born around 1875 when a French baker invented a Christmas cake for Christmas Eve instead of a real log. And to make the cake more vivid, the next generation came up with a way to cover that image of pine trees, Santa Claus, grass lawns, snowmen … make you think of a forest full of color.

According to another source, in the ancient Yule festival, one must prepare a large log and burn for 12 nights to welcome the return of the sun god to show the devotion of the gods. If the tree burns before the end of the festival, it is a bad sign for the year.

It is also said that, according to custom on the night before Christmas, Westerners often enter the forest cut a large tree and bring home the wine. The plants are placed on the heater, sprinkled with more oil, salt, hot wine and people begin praying. It is said that the sound of fire and the charcoal powder from this burning tree will protect the house from natural disasters and the invasion of the devil.

In any aspect, the birth of the Christmas tree cake is more or less meaningful for the blessing, happiness for the owner.

Candy stick and its interesting meaning

For a long time, stick candy has become an indispensable dish for Christmas. Originally, this candy tree had a straight shape and was only white. The candy is then added with red mints, peppermint and bent one end of the stick as today.

If you turn the stick in the English alphabet, you will see a J-shaped candy tree, the first letter of Jesus. The white candy of the candy symbolizes the appearance of the Virgin Mary, the innocence of God.

The hardness of the candy symbolizes the iron will, the solid foundation of the church, and the great promise of the Lord. The little red stripes represent the painful blood that God suffered before he died on the cross.

So Christmas candles appear as a divine symbol, and at the same time help people towards a better and more holy life when they enjoy, expressing the love and sacrifice of Jesus. .

The way to make candy is quite simple for those who intend to enjoy themselves or give “the other half.” You only need one cup of sugar, peppermint oil, vanilla and red products are enough. First, cook the sugar on medium heat, stirring constantly until it comes back from the kitchen. Add ½ teaspoon of peppermint oil and 4 tablespoons of vanilla, stirring occasionally. Divide the mixture into 2 parts, partially leave, partially add the red color and stir until the mixture turns red. Let the mixture cool but slightly warm, then start pulling candy. You mix the two together and twist like twists. Finally, bend a candy head to make a stick figure!

Biscuits donated to Santa Claus

Traditionally, on Christmas Eve, every kid always puts a few biscuits and milk on the table as a gesture to express his gratitude to Santa having traveled a long way to bring presents. come to me.

Also documented that, from the 30s, the custom left a cake for Santa Claus has begun to form. The spoiled children use them to bribe Santa to give more gifts, and the children Well, that’s the small gifts they give you.


There are many sources documenting different origins of gingerbread. Accordingly, since the ancient Greeks began appearing gingerbread and Egyptians have used it for ceremonial purposes. And by the time of the 11th century, gingerbread was “present” in Europe as the expedition took stolen recipes from the Middle East, brought back to their chefs for use. From then on, the cakes became popular in the upper and middle classes.

A few years later, ginger and other spices were more accessible to the public, so gingerbread was no longer a burger just for the nobility. A documented European baking recipe includes almonds, old bread crumbs, rose water, sugar and ginger.

In the 16th century, the British “improved” the recipes by replacing the crumbs with flour, adding eggs and sugar, resulting in a much lighter cake. In order to show affection for foreign politicians, Queen Elizabeth the Great sought to find a simple and unique cake. And she made the first gingerbread cake of England with ribs. Red circle around the neck, symbolizing the symbol of love.


Pavlova was named after a Russian ballet dancer named Anna Pavlova who honored her as she toured Australia and New Zealand in the 1920s.
So far, many studies have not identified the origin of pavlovas in Australia or New Zealand. This cravat is consumed a lot in the holidays, especially Christmas, and has been classified as one of the popular Christmas dishes of both countries along with other items such as trifle, potato salad, custard or turkey.

At Christmas, people will decorate the cake in red and white in the spirit of this holiday, namely using red bean, strawberry and other berries to make the cake looks beautiful. Best.

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